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SE-Asian Healthcare & Pharma Show
SEACare is an annual exhibition held in Kuala Lumpur each April.
It is the ideal platform for manufacturers, who wish to make an impact in the main markets of SE-Asia:  Malaysia - Singapore.
Being a natural gateways to the rest of the region and excellent starting points via local distribution networks.

A Years Work in 3 Days - has been the tagline and this comes about from the fact that unlike other exhibitions - it is strictly not open to the public. Here are just Business & Professional Visitors.
This ensures exhibitors are assured of only relevant visitors.

More Than an Exhibition - here is a long tradition of ensuring a high profile. . . It is accompanied by Conference, Seminars, Product Displays and Networking Functions. A fine tuned programme has ensured additional support for all the exhibitors.

Malaysia's only international event for the medical industry - today covers the entire profile from: Medical Devices - Lab to Pharma and CleanRoom Solutions.

Total Package - Exhibitors have been treated to extensive exhibitor packages, online service facilities and cutting edge web-based tools.

Here  is an excellent opportunity to join the 150-200 international exhibitors and meet the 4500-5000 serious visitors from the region.


Decision Making Visitors From SE-Asia.
Expect Quality Visitors, who are ready to do business. . .
With about 5-6000 visitors from SE-Asia, you can't go wrong in the world's fastest
growing markets with over 650 mil. population.

  • With Purchasing Power
  • Good Connections with your customers
  • Hospital Directors - Heads of Departments
  • Government Organisations
  • Purchasers from Retail Chains
  • Manufacturers / Clean Room Operators


We provide exclusive coverage of SE-Asia 
  • Malaysia the strongest economy in SE-Asia
  • Singapore - Indonesia the region's most important markets
  • Rest of SE-Asia 


 We understand what works - to ensure your success. 
  • Massive and Clean Databases
  • The largest trade and general media network agreements
  • Personal visits to institutions
  • Broadcasting via: Email - Fax
  • Print Invitations including VIP Exclusive Invites
  • Reminder Emails and SMSs’
  • Phone Confirmations for your B-2-B contacts


Our Massive Databases are at your disposal: 
  • Request Visitor Research
  • B2B Match-Making with Online Appointments Calendar 
  • Personalised VIP Invitations 
  • Hospitality Events
  • Organise a Seminar-Workshop
  • Assistance with Distributor Meetings 
  • Malaysia provides the best market opportunity
  • Most Preferred Destination for regional meetings
  • Clean -  Safe - Multi-cultural
  • KLCC - Asia's Best Exhibition Venue

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Shanghai Dongsin Expo Group
Address:Room 706, Building 1, Route 1505, Lianhang Road , Shanghai,China
Contact person:Dingding
Tel:0086 21-55139199
Fax:0086 21-51686946

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